pricing & health insurance

pricing & health insurance


The pricing is based on direct and indirect treatment time. Direct time is the time spent together during a consult. Indirect time is the time spent on creating your personal nutrition plan and advice, during which you are not present.  Both direct and indirect treatment time are included in the price. 

All products can be purchased and scheduled in online. Your online payment is completed prior to receiving your selected product.

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Health Insurance & reimbursement

Everyone with a basic health insurance package in the Netherlands has a right of 3 hours (ca. €180) reimbursement per year, for dietary advice. There are complementary insurance packages that reimburse more than 3 hours dietary advice per year.  You do not need a GP referral to receive dietary advice in the Netherlands

If you wish to get your Tuohy Nutrition treatment reimbursed by your health insurance,  let me know during a consult. I will send you an extra invoice after the consult, that you can then submit to your health insurance.

For more information on health insurance and reimbursement in the Netherlands, click the button below. 

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