Regular & medical NUTRITION

If you are serious about improving your lifestyle and current health, you’ve come to the right place. With personalised advice and coaching, Tuohy Nutrition will guide you towards a a healthy and sustainable eating pattern. 

As a dietitian I can help you with:

As a dietitian I can help you with:


1-ON-1 (online) COACHING
1-ON-1 (online) COACHING

Through 1-on-1 coaching and personal nutrition advice, I aim help you achieve optimal health.  Not by assigning you a strict diet, but through close collaboration in which I get to properly know you. With personalised nutrition advice tailored to your situation and goals, we will develop a healthy and maintainable eating pattern that is most suitable to your lifestyle and health problem.

Through 1-on-1 (online) coaching and personal nutrition advice, I aim help you become the healthiest you!  Not by assigning you a strict diet, but through close collaboration and coaching in which I get to properly know you as a person. You will receive personalised nutrition advice that is tailored to your situation, goals and possible health problems.  I will guide you towards a healthy and maintainable eating pattern, that will positively benefit your lifestyle and healthOnce your apply your nutrition plan, you should be able to see results in as little as two weeks!

How does 1-on-1 coaching work?

Click ‘Sign-up‘ or the ‘Book consult’ button for 1-on-1 online nutrition coaching. Once you send your email I will reply within 3 working days

Step 2: First consult

The aim of the intake (60 min) is to get to know you in depth and for you to ask anything.  Afterwards I develop a personalized nutrition plan & advice.

Step 3: Follow-up

During the follow-up consult (15-45 min) we will evaluate your progress & make adjustments if necessary. You can also reach me via email.

First consult regular nutrition

45 - 60 minutes
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Advice tailored to your goals/health problem
  • A personal nutrition plan
  • Assessment body composition (if on location)
  • Online or at location
personal nutrition plan

Do you have specific goals such as gaining, losing or maintaining weight?  Or do you need a nutrition plan for a specific health problem or diet? 

With this personal nutrition plan you will receive an example 1-day nutrition that is tailored to you, your goals and any health problems/diet preferences.  After your purchase you will receive an online intakeform.


Nutrition Plan

(without coaching)
  • 1-day personal nutrition plan
  • Tailored to your goals or health problem
  • Allergies/diets can be taken into account
  • Possibility to ask questions via email
  • Delivered within 7 working days
NUTRITION for Schools, companies or other organisations

The nutrition policies that are in place and the food choices that are available at your organisation, will directly impact the longterm health and wellbeing of your students, members, employees and/or visitors.

Through services such as: presentations, workshops and nutrition consulting I can help your organisation:

Evaluate and improve nutrition policies

Evaluate and improve available food choices

Educate staff/students on proper nutrition

Design a nutrition programme for students/staff

How does it work?

Simply click the button below to send your inquiry and I will get in touch with you within three working days. 

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